• 100gr Matcha, Healthy tea, from Canada

Useful properties of the match

Bright green matcha powder differs from all other teas in one main feature - this tea is made from leaves that “ripen” in the shade.

Covered in dense dark nets a few weeks before harvest, green tea leaves, which are to be turned into matcha, grow more slowly and, unlike ordinary ones, absorb the maximum amount of amino acids. By the time they are harvested, they are living "warehouses" of theanine and catechin, which are responsible for the beneficial properties of the match.

Which match to choose

In the production of matcha, the leaves are considered the most useful, which at the time of harvest were the youngest and most tender.

Today the match is grown in several countries, but Japan is considered a confident leader. It is the Japanese grated leaves that are valued by experts and gourmets above all else. However, beginners will hardly notice the difference and can safely buy matches from Korea or China.

You can find over 100 types of tea in our store. If you have any questions - write to us and we will answer you.

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100gr Matcha, Healthy tea, from Canada

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