• Progressive (multifocal) lenses


Progressive (multifocal) lenses - a tool for age-related vision correction

The consequences of age-related changes in the human body are violations of the functioning of many organs, including vision. People are faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as presbyopia. Previously, doctors and patients tried to solve these problems by selecting and wearing glasses with single-vision lenses (seeing objects at the same distance), but optics and ophthalmology are rapidly developing, and today progressive lenses are a reliable and proven way of age-related vision correction.

The selection of glasses and lenses in our clinic is carried out by highly qualified ophthalmologists who:

check vision (full range of diagnostics);

prescribe therapy according to the identified indicators;

provide advice on the selection of progressive lenses.

Having decided on the lenses, the patient, with the help of our optics consultants, can choose a suitable frame, represented by a variety of colors and textures.

Progressive lenses fall into two categories:

Typical - the same parameters for all. In the production of typical lenses, a standard set of blanks is used without taking into account any features of the vision of a particular person.

Individual. These lenses take into account all the visual features of a person. The doctor writes out a prescription, and a special program, based on his data, makes clear lens calculations. They are endowed with a wide zone of progression.

Progressive custom lenses are made to order and usually take 1-3 weeks.

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Progressive (multifocal) lenses

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